Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So far, so good.

Well Hana is approaching 19 months in just a few days and I have not been keeping up with this blogging bit, but wanted a place to record some milestones running in my head now, as well sweet moments to remember before she's off to Kindergarten.  In no particular order:

Hana amazes us with:

-Counting to 20, though she skips 13-15, but not bad I'd say!

-Understanding letter sounds.  She can identify all capital letters in the alphabet too!  (Did I mention she's our scholarship baby?  Considering her parents are in such lucrative positions as teaching and architecture, we hope her skill set can give her a boost come college!)

-Potty training: Halmoni came this summer and started Hana at 17 months and she now goes regularly 4-5 times a day.  She actually does a "pee-pee" dance to let us know it's time :)

-Speaking of dance, she LOVES to move to any and all music.  She can twirl, bob up and down, put her hands up, and do slow and fast inventive moves.  I can't wait to put her in a class.

-being such a lovebug.  she loves to cuddle, lean and snuggle with a good book.  her thirst for reading and books is insatiable and continues each day.  so thankful we got rid of tv, though I will say I miss my Real Housewives from time to time.  Hana loves to give kisses, hugs and pats to everyone.  She was even commended at her school for being a "nurturer" to others. 

-being a rule follower  : Hana is such a good girl and Sunil is convinced our next child will be the hell-raiser!  Well I'll enjoy this bliss while I can.  Hana can take walks with Kendall and I and if I tell her to please stay on the sidewalk, she does it.  She's also great at identifying a mess and pointing it out with a "yuck" in order to warn all to steer clear.

-she has her distinct sense of style.  though I choose her clothes in the AM, she gets to choose her shoes.  sometimes though she will really take a fancy to an article of clothing like a sweater or dress and say, "oh, nice!" or "oh, pretty" and then admire herself in the mirror.  a diva in the making perhaps, but what a cutie she is.

-saying her name, "Hana Phia (Sophia) Kumah (Kumar)"

I have many more but getting tired so will have to continue another time, hopefully before she turns two!

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